Single gold anodized jockey wheel


We supply performance products that do exactly as they say on the tin: no gimmicks, no fads, just technology, efficiency and speed.

We choose quality and control over quantity.
This is why all parts are carefully-selected from high-end European suppliers, before being assembled by hand in our workshops in France.

Right from the start, all products were conceived and designed by CYCLINGCERAMIC. Technologies are constantly tried, tested and improved to offer the best possible components.






Join the bike revolution.


We have no time for gadgets. There are no electronics, no syringes. Simply mechanisms
working perfectly together to reduce friction, and resulting in pure efficiency.

Close up on the lower part of an oversized derailleur cage
Join the French bike revolution
For the Performance of the Champions By enhancing your wheel hubs, bottom brackets and your derailleur pulley wheels you will have the ride of your dreams. CYCLINGCERAMIC ceramic bearings improve fluidity, power transmission and durability. Go ahead run your performance to the next level.
Jockey wheels in gold anodized in its packaking
Integrating innovation to your bike.
Our products were designed to provide a simplicity and minimal maintenance. They are compatible with most framesets, market cranksets, included power meter, wheel hubs and rear jockey wheels derailleurs. If you need to improve your performance, try CYCLINGCERAMIC on your bike.
Single bearing in the making
CYCLINGCERAMIC use high quality ceramic beads.
Ceramic Silicon nitride balls grade 3 are used to improve the performance of ceramic bearings. Ceramic balls are lighter, rigid, smooth, hard, corrosion-resistant, requires less lubrication and have less than their counterparts in steel thermal expansion. Our logs are polished for 45 days continuously in order to obtain more round and smooth beads. This helps to reduce the maximum contact surface.
Glass full of Grade 3 Ceramic balls
The ceramic technology used in the conquest of space
In the 1990s, NASA doctors and scientists we developed this technology. Studies carried out by the latter on mit highlight extreme capabilities of durability, hardness, and lightness. Mechanical sports have quickly after, today CYCLINGCERAMIC proposes in its ceramic bearings all the qualities of ceramics balls used by the best cycling teams and athletes in the world.
New oversized derailleur cage with deep blue anodized jockey wheels
CYCLINGCERAMIC 100% compatible with your performance
CYCLINGCERAMIC bearings permit to save time! On an IRONMAN for example you can earn more than 19 minutes with a full kit. Thanks to CYCLINGCERAMIC, our ceramic bearings help you to go faster and further. If you practice cycling for your pleasure or if you are a competitor, you can take advantage with our ceramic bearings. Available for road, MTB and track. Less resistance and a better longevity! Make a judicious and economic choice. Our ceramic bearings sold on the market are the same as our sponsoring teams and athletes.


Power increase 6 to 10 Watts.


Speed average increase 3 to


Dicrease 2 to 5 pulsations per


Save 9 minuntes on an


Last 3 to 5 times longer than
standard bearings.


On an average we spend 2 to 3 more times checking and controlling each product than the industry.


Close up on red anodized oversized jockey wheels
Bicycle wheel bearing holded in hand
Lower jockey wheels in 19 tooth
Cup full of ceramic ball bearings
Batch of single ceramic bearings in the making
High performance
All our components that make up the high performance CYCLINGCERAMIC ceramic bearings are designed, designed and assembled in our company in the center of France. The design stage is carried out by us and allows to have products conforming to different manufacturers of the market.
Our skilled workforce is the secret to CYCLINGCERAMIC'S growing success. All our ceramic bearings are assembled meticulously by hand in our workshop in France. This step allows each ceramic bearing to be monitored 4 times during its production and ensures its conformity.
Grade 3 ceramic balls
The ceramic bearings are grade 3 ceramic balls that have been polished for 70 days to achieve the lowest friction in the world and reduce pedalling resistance. Minimizing the watts spent by the cyclist, who can benefit from this energy saving in his final effort and make a difference to competitors.
The precision of our work makes it possible to obtain high quality products, meeting the performance requirement of the World Tour teams. Our engineers offer the best of their capacity to match each product with the standard in the market.
Aero standards
All our pulley wheels and bottom bracket are made of 7075 aluminium in France. Our CNC machines are ISO certified and meet many aeronautical and military standards. Each part is machined with a tolerance of (0.05mm). This ensures precise fitting parts and maximum reliability. Each piece is then anodized to protect the aluminium and create a resistant surface that can meet the high demands of a bicycle's transmission.


This combination offers optimal performance and an ultra-smooth cycling

All CYCLINGCERAMIC products are assembled by hand at the company headquarters in France, benefitting from the exceptional know-how of qualified, passionate technicians. Each bearing is checked 4 times throughout the assembly process to guarantee flawless performance.

Details of an upper pulley wheel

Performance must be measured

CYCLINGCERAMIC has tested the performance of its rollers to an independent test carried out by the US testing laboratory Friction Facts, comparing 20 rollers with our products. CYCLINGCERAMIC has rated the lowest level of friction with only 0.03 watt!

Our rollers allow a better transmission of power and an energy saving. They have been designed to offer a lightweight package and thanks to the design of the seals, allow optimal protection.

Aluminium manufacturing and hand assembly in our workshop guarantees a longer service life and high performance compared to standard rollers. A test conducted by Friction Facts shows a decrease of 1.33 Watt against Shimano Acera rollers, is 98% less friction.

Shimano jockey wheel holded in hand

Sustainability proves our quality

Many retain our ceramic products as they represent too much investment when buying. But by thinking about it better, in the long run, the products manufactured by CYCLINGCERAMIC have a lifetime 3 to 5 times longer than conventional bearings equipped with steel balls.

Our grade 3 high-grade ceramic balls are polished for more than 70 days to become as smooth as possible, making frictions virtually non-existent. In addition, our ceramic balls compared to conventional steel balls are 58% lighter, 121% more resistant, 68% harder, and are stainless.

The products are all assembled in our workshop using specific tools, allowing us to calibrate and perfectly fit our components. The CYCLINGCERAMIC balls are a real innovation in bearing.


All CYCLINGCERAMIC parts are carefully sourced from high-end suppliers. We guarante
optimal quality control from raw materials to finished products in order to deliver top-level
bearings to YOU.

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All CYCLINGCERAMIC products come with a 2-year warranty.

Fitting your bike with CYCLINGCERAMIC bearings is your ticket to efficient, durable performance, and our qualified team is proud to provide the customer service to match.


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